• Revelation

    A historical novel 14 years in the making, detailing the forgotten war, AD 66-70...

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    Evil Houses

     Evil Houses is a ghostly collection of haunted house thrillers. Buy it in paperback at Black Bed Sheet Books

     Kindle Evil Houses here! 

    More Evil Houses

      More Evil Houses​ is the sequel to Evil Houses. Buy it in paperback at Black Bed Sheet Books. (Dolls Upstairs included) 

    Kindle More Evil Houses here! 

    Evil Houses - Reopened

    The 1st and 2nd Evil Houses books complied together for the first time, with new stories of terror taking you into the final destination of the deep woods of Evil...

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     A young man tries to commit suicide by throwing himself from a cliff. He awakes and finds himself caught in a war for the ages forcing the decision to embrace a violent, immortal struggle written in the blood of souls... 

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    Attic Book or Graphic Novel...

    Two new, extended haunted house stories descending into the darkest tales of bloody savagery and vicious night. A fitting end to the Evil Houses saga.

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    2018 or early 2019