Erik Shuttleworth

"I am no ambassador for God, only an artist of what is." 

Years ago Erik Shuttleworth was in need of a story. Having no professional training in the art and technique of story writing, other than a brief stint at a writing center deep within the bowels of a small liberal arts college, he took upon himself to plumb the depths of a very large book called the Bible.

There must’ve been a reason why the proverbial “they” would refer to a story as “Biblical” in such a case as it was thought to be amazing or, perhaps, over-the-top. So Erik read the Bible, cover-to-cover, over and over again, until he found a story. The story was buried in the Book of Revelation.

Then, seeing that little sense could be made from the pages, he turned to a secular historian, one of the very few from that time period, a man by the name of Josephus. Long regarded by professionals spanning the full void of religious beliefs this man was an eye witness to a time far removed from us, buried within the first century beyond the birth of a fellow named Jesus Christ. 

And so a little book was born, a journey through the blood and guts of a war long forgotten, but of no less importance than conflicts long after. For in this time an empire fell and another trampled its prized possessions, its hopes and its sacred supposedly inalienable beliefs - trampled until cannibals consumed their own young in the streets.

This book was written and thrown in the trash, ten years ago until today…

And, during those ten years of personal hell and emotional loss, Erik assumed a 2nd persona …. This Erik Shuttleworth spent the years in the playful, darker world, a softly hellish afterlife in which he walked through the graveyards of fantasy.

His fingers reflected the dangerous desires of the mischievous child within. And when now asked what his writing motives were, he might reply, “The paper had it coming to him.”

Now these worlds of mischievous, dark playfulness are reflected in his Evil House books. Here you can see the voyeuristic desires to enter a stranger’s house and pray to discover the deadly deeds that lay beneath faceless society’s fabric, waiting to be uncovered. Feel the aching need to find hidden secrets that will carry us away from the banality of life…

Now these two personas exist, the man of biblical blood and the man of horror. Take your pick and enjoy my work…